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Mainz8 Power Distributors
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Mainz8 Power Distributors

Ansuz Mainz8 Power Distributors can be seen as the heart of an optimized system.The Mainz8 features star grounding and the unique Ansuz Sparkz and NSC technologies.The Mainz8 will definitely improve your listening environment.


Ansuz Mainz8 Power Distributor is a Mains and Ground distribution unit. It has 8 dedicated mains outlets and features an extremely low impedance star grounding system.

When using the Mainz8, try to connect the Main Ground to your pre or integrated amplifier where your sources are connected. Doing this will minimize the ground potential between your devices and thus minimize ground current and signal induced fluctuations.

Mainz8 comes in entry level X, A Level (Aluminium), reference quality D Level (Diamond) and the pinnacle of power distribution D•TC series.

Mainz8 D•TC

  • - The Ansuz Mainz8 D•TC power distribution is a pinnacle product giving your HiFi-components the very best working conditions.
  • - The Mainz8 D•TC unit exploits two different ways of conditioning the mains current, a passive and an active mechanism, the passive coil-based mechanism rounds of noise transients, so your Hifi equipment better deals with transient current noise and an active where the noise spike is sampled and a counter noise transient spike is added to further condition the current to an even lower noise floor for an unmatched clarity and spatial focus.
  • - Mains current noise is delicate matter. If you use too strong tools you also remove the music transients that keeps the music alive. The Mainz8 D•TC Power distributors parallel way of filtering simply avoids the compression of inductive serial components and let you enjoy the live sensation of music.
  • - The Ansuz Mainz8 D•TC has 8 dedicated mains outlets and features an extremely low impedance star grounding system.

Mainz8 D Level

    Mainz8 A Level

      Mainz8 X Level


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