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Sparkz - Power Conditioning Without Any Drawbacks
Ansuz Acoustics

Sparkz - Power Conditioning Without Any Drawbacks

The Ansuz Sparkz is made using the same mechanisms that for decades has been utilized in maritime long-range communication antennae tuners.


The Ansuz Sparkz is based on advanced Teslacoil technology that when applied right can serve as an active noise-suppressing element.

The Sparkz works in parallel to the mains feed by adding counter signals to detected noise. This is unlike most other power conditioners, where noise-suppressing elements are located in the power line, between the outlet and the electronic components. This restrains the amount of instantaneous current the equipment pulls from the mains.


  • - Available with EU (Schuko) or US plugs
  • - 50/60 Hz 100 – 240V
  • - Works fine with AC adaptors for AUS, GB and more

The effect of the Ansuz Sparkz can easily be heard on nearly any audio system. They effectively lower the noise floor and by doing so improve the dynamic headroom in the music. Every note will appear clearer on a darker background. When used in an A/V system you will also see the effect on your screen – better contrast and fewer grains.

Passive NSC technology

Sparkz TC

  • - Available with EU (Schuko) or US plugs 50/60 Hz 100 – 240 V
  • - Works fine with AC adaptors for AUS, GB and more

Ansuz Sparkz is accumulative and will improve the benefits when you add more Sparkz to your system. The best position for the Sparkz is in a high quality power distributor, next to the outlets for your audio/video components. You will get a good effect from the Sparkz as long as they are plugged into the same mains group. Any quantity of Sparkz used in combination with the Mainz8 A or D will create an even stronger effect. Even though the Mainz8’s are designed with a multitude of Sparkz inside, the benefits of adding external Sparkz is indisputable.

Active broad banded NSC technology and Active Tesla Coils technology.


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